Safety Measures for COVID-19

SBIFF is committed to providing healthy and safe facilities for everyone attending and working our events.

Here are some improvements/changes we have made to the Riviera Theatre to help increase safety.

• Masks are not required, though they are encouraged.
• While we are no longer checking for proof of vaccination, we do strongly encourage everyone to be vaccinated.
• All staff will wear masks at all times in accordance with health department guidelines
• We have installed contact-less payment systems for the box office and concession stand
• Seat coverings are available upon request
• We have an cleaning and sanitizing regiment in place following health department guidelines
• A professional cleaning company is cleaning and sanitizing restrooms daily
• We have hand sanitizer available to our customers at various locations throughout the building
• We have a custom-built industrial AC/heat/filtration system installed in 2017
    - We have floor to ceiling airflow in the auditorium
    - The auditorium is kept under negative pressure which pulls any stagnant air out of a space and exhausts it externally
    - Air re-circulation has been disabled, our system will only be using filtered outside air
    - All units are serviced and all filters are replaced every 90 days
    - We worked with the manufacturer to implement indoor air quality protocols as recommended by the CDC and ASHRAE

Limit of Liability

Important Notice Affecting Your Rights, Health and Safety: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 (coronavirus) exists in public places where groups of people are present. By attending SBIFF's Riviera Theatre (Theatre), you are acknowledging that you understand this inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, including serious illness and death, in public places where groups of people are present, such as the Theatre. This risk extends beyond you to people with whom you may come into contact who may thereafter be exposed to COVID-19. By attending the Theatre, you and your guests are voluntarily assuming all risks related to COVID-19 exposure. You and your guests, on behalf of yourselves and your family members, heirs and representatives, agree, to the fullest extent permitted by law, not to hold any event organizers, venue owners and operators, artists, performers or any of their respective employees, agents, managers, insurers or contractors, liable for any COVID-19-related illness or injury, including death, of yourself or any third parties with whom you come into contact, in connection with attendance at SBIFF by you or your guests. You are voluntarily choosing to attend the Theatre in your sole discretion and understand that you will not be able to hold anyone associated with SBIFF liable for any harm. By attending the Theatre, you and your guests are agreeing to observe all applicable instructions/guidance from the venue, legal requirements and public health guidance regarding safety protocols while attending the Theatre.